1. Al-Faatiha prevents the Anger (ghadab) of Allah `azza wajjal.

2. Yaa-Seen prevents Thirst on the Last Day.

3. Ad-Dukhaan prevents Calamities on the Last Day.

4. Al-Waakiy'ah prevents Poverty.

5. Al-Mulk prevents Tortures of the Grave.

6. Al-Kauthar prevents Enmity (the word "enmity" comes from the word "enemy").

7. Al-Kaafiroon prevents the State of Disbelief at Death (Kufr at the time of death).

8. Al-Ikhlaas prevents Hypocrisy.

9. Al-Falaq prevents Envy.

10. An-Naas prevents the Whispering of the Devil.





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The Merits Of Suratul Yaseen



  1. We should read it in full meaning and understand so that it affects us and makes us aware what is awaiting us.


  1. If recited in the night before sleeping Allah will fix 1000 angles for his safe guard through out the night.


  1. At the time of death this surah must be recited and the person will die peacefully and will be saved from the agonies of death.


  1. If this surah is recited in the day, the person will be counted among those who have been saved by Allah and given sustenance especially by Allah.


  1. It is sawab to recite Surah Yaseen when remembering your loved ones after their death as this surah talks of death, the rising after death and the here after.


  1. This surah is also recited for seeking Allah’s blessings and happiness, preferably after the morning prayers.


  1. As this surah talks about the life here after, regular reading will make us better Muslims following the laws of Islam.


  1. If only once a person recites this surah during his whole life, he will be forgiven under conditions.


  1. If any person is punctual in reciting Yaseen every night he/she will leave the earthly world as honored as martyr.


  1. The memory of one sharpens, if one drinks the water mixed with the name ‘Yaseen’ 5 times.


  1. If any one listens to the recitation of the surah faithfully he/she shall be rewarded with a good deed like that of sacrificing a 1000 gold coins.


  1. Whoever recites Yaseen 16 times, in a single sitting, receives rewards, from Allah, equivalent of the recitation of the Quran 10 times.


  1. Whoever recites Yaseen in the morning, does not come into contact with any misfortune, till the end of the day.


  1. Whoever recites Yaseen in the evening is kept safe from the evil of the dark night, a time the Shaytan lets loose his agents.


  1. Regular recitation of Yaseen ensures sufficient means of livelihood throughout life time.


  1. If Yaseen is memorized it cultivates photographic memory and the mind is never seized with madness.